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November 9, 2010 / Lindsey Davis

We made it!

Wow, I’ve been meaning to get a good blog post in but it almost seems impossible these days.  Darby is ONE!  It’s hard to believe.  I will write more later on the birthday celebration — it was so special.  We got a new computer which means my pictures are divided, so I’ll just do a short post now with some pictures my good college friend Amelia took several weeks ago.  They are so precious I have to share a few with you — not without a little commentary though!

A quick update on Darby…she’s walking, she’s throwing Monkey-Love out of the crib during nap time & then getting her leg stuck between the slats trying to reach him (I mean she really gets it stuck, like today I thought I might have to call someone for help), she’s basically a vegetarian which is unheard of in the Davis family, she eats 2 eggs, a piece of toast & 5 strawberries for breakfast, she loves being outside almost as much as Monkey, she loves music but not as much as her Daddy’s pumpkin pancakes.  OK, onto the pictures…  

I really wanted a good picture with my girl since I’m the one with the camera most of the time!  When Amelia emailed me this picture I teared up. 

I also wanted to capture Darby’s passion…and what I do most of the day!  Holding onto my finger & showing me everything that needs to get done in the house.  There is so much to do! I love this girl.

I think this is such a gorgeous picture.  I would have loved a smile here but honestly this face just melts my heart…pensive & thoughtful.  Not all the time mind you, but this is our girl and I love it.

We didn’t plan on including Monkey in the pictures but so glad Amelia caught this!  He’s such a huge part of our lives now 🙂

Cheese! But I love that I got a good picture in her party dress!

And last but not least a smile with teeth.  You just can’t beat it.

September 21, 2010 / Lindsey Davis

Honey put on that party dress

So you can probably tell from my last post that this past weekend was a little rough.   But one thing that brightened my spirits was going to a board meeting for Anchor of Hope and sewing Darby’s party dress.  I know her birthday isn’t until October but the Charlotte Dress pattern from Mamastellato got me so beside myself with excitement I just had to start it.  That and I wanted time to mess up & start again if I needed to 🙂

Here are some pictures.  It’s hard to take a model picture of an eleven month old, surprise surprise.

One sleeve is open & the other has elastic…I was going to ask your opinion on it but after taking the pictures I think I’m definitely going to put the elastic in the sleeves.   I like the corduroy/fabric combo but it doesn’t look very baby and my Baby is still a baby 🙂  I would definitely change that next time.  This looks more like a 5 or 6 year old dress to me, so the elastic sleeve added a little more baby look to it. 

The elastic neck & sash allow the dress to slide on without buttons or zippers. 

The dress was $8 to make & this will include a diaper cover, which I haven’t made yet.  That price doesn’t include the pattern which was $4.50 — normally it’s $6 but I purchased a pattern for the Amelia Top too, so she gave me a price break.    The price was worth it — the pattern goes up to a 5/6 T and since I’m really pleased with it and will be making it again.   The instructions were pretty good though there was a mistake (she sent me the correction after I’d completed the dress last night, ha) — there were a couple of places I think she could have explained the step in more detail. 

OK here goes on trying to upload a video.   Darby is “talking” a lot more & I think she might be starting imaginative play which is just precious.  She just got this monkey from Kandy and absolutely adores it.  She talks to it in her crib usually (in priviate) but I caught her talking to it in the living room a few days ago.

September 19, 2010 / Lindsey Davis

Here we go

I took down the last post I wrote — it was an update on my feet but then it got kind of personal and I just didn’t want it public anymore, so I deleted it.  Anyway, today I’m going to write about my feet & keep it up 🙂 

First of all I want to express again how grateful I am to everyone for supporting me through this ordeal.   I guess I am now letting it sink in that unfortunately this isn’t temporary.  I want it to be, there’s still a small part of me that hopes it will be, but overall I can see now that it’s not.  The Lord has been so gracious in giving me family & friends that have encouraged me in this and a special gift in some people to even grieve with me.  These are gifts far superior to any monetary value.  I clearly understand that, thankfully, my overall health is really good.  I also clearly understand that the pain & grief that I’m experiencing are still very real and are still impacting my body, my mind & my soul. 

I have dear friends that cannot get pregnant.  I have some friends that wanted a house full of children and are blessed to have one but it seems that might be all the Lord has planned for them (at least from their own womb).  Every new cycle offers hope & then that hope is either realized or severely crushed by a new cycle that begins without any regard to its victim.   Whether they went through this for a year or are still going through this after 5 years, the process has changed them.  And for the extraordinary women I know, they have allowed the Lord to change them for His glory.  Since I didn’t experience this pain, I am writing about it as an observer.  I can, however, identify with a hope deferred.  A hope high and then squandered.   Every new doctor, every new medication, every new procedure offers something to hold on to for at least a little bit.   Isn’t it just like us to want to “arrive”?  To be “done”?  If just this one medication would work, I would be fine.  If I could get the correct diagnosis I would be on the right track.  If I could just get pregnant I would be filled.  If I could just stay at home with my children instead of working I would be satisfied. 

Anyway, I have been thinking about these things a lot lately, mainly because I feel almost manic in my emotions.  And then I realized, so many people feel this way.  If not for themselves, they feel it for someone else.  

So the update is this.  Darby is weaned, I started the steroid pack which after 2 days helped tremendously and then 4 days later I started Celebrex.   Celebrex doesn’t appear to be doing a darn thing which is disappointing but it was just a temporary medication until we decided how to treat this long-term.  We are still processing about potential medication routes and will go back to the doctor soon.

I’d written before about the book I was reading by Beth Moore called So Long Insecurity.  Anyway, there’s a part of the book that asks you to play out your greatest fears.  But not like you usually do, and you know what I’m talking about!  Haven’t we all drifted off in our minds and all the sudden we’re in tears over something that has never even come close to happening?  🙂   Beth encourages you to play out how God will then redeem you through that fearful circumstance (again maybe it’s far from current reality or maybe it’s closer to reality than you’d like).  So Beth says…go ahead and play out in your mind how He will heal you (maybe not physically but certainly spiritually & emotionally), how He will comfort you, how He will sustain you.  

Anyway, I’m learning to make peace with a situation that the Lord may or may not take away. I’m also learning how to ride the wave of disappointment & hope with integrity & eternal perspective and to not judge myself so harshly in the emotions of the ride.  Can you identify?  I’m sure everyone can.  And finally, I’m learning how to “take my thoughts captive” as He graciously allows me to experience the joys & hardships of life.

Thanks for reading and mostly, thanks for praying.  I’m sure you’ll hear from me again {wink}.

August 27, 2010 / Lindsey Davis

“More, Please”

It was snack time on the mat.  We’re working on the sign for “more” and “please” and I inadvertently left the Puff’s container on the floor (what was I thinking)?

Uh oh…

Oh heavenly days!

Anymore in there?

Why yes…

 The night before last I couldn’t sleep so after an hour of gazing into nothingness I decided to sew Darby some new corduroy pants.  All the sudden I realized it was 2:30am and I needed to try to sleep because my alarm was going to crudely awake me at 5:30am.  Funny, the pants look just like the yoga pants from Gap above 🙂

It’s hard to make, and especially buy, pants for a cloth diaper bootie.  How low can you go?

Oh well, I think I know the perfect Little to give these to.  I love practicing & using different materials so it was worth it.

Happy Friday everyone.

August 17, 2010 / Lindsey Davis

Catch Up

Hi world, it’s been a couple of weeks I think.  I’ve been wanting to post some pictures & updates!  Here are some quick things for you to know (and I’ll post pics below):

Darby is almost 10 months!  She is crawling like a champ, but still prefers walking around the coffee table or holding onto my fingers.  She’s still pretty serious but definitely turns on the charm and smiles more & more each day.  She can hardly settle down for a nap now and loves to swing in her swing outside which is SO fun to watch given her cautious nature.  She adores her Fisher Price table and hates the jumper.  I never thought I’d see the day when she didn’t like that jumper but my only conclusion is that she feels too limited by it now that she can cruise along & explore.   Also, she poops in her bath 82.7% of the time.   At least something works 🙂  Yesterday I got a penny, a plastic tag, and a tiny acorn out of her mouth.  Don’t judge me, I try my hardest to keep my floors clean but she finds everything.  EVERYthing I tell you. 

Judson just got a job as a Special Assistant to the US Attorney, and Darby and I got to go see him get sworn in.  It was so neat…I was just swelling with pride for my husband.   He was sworn in by the Judge that he clerked for several years ago, and the Judge took about 3-5 minutes talking about the year that Judson spent with him — praising Judson’s work ethic, his strong sense of ethics & his academic accomplishments while playing football @ SMU.  Guys, it was such a neat experience to hear someone so highly regarded praise Judson in such specific ways.  I will never forget it.

Lastly, my feet are doing a lot better pain wise.  I went to a rheumatologist last week & her diagnosis is Inflammatory Arthritis.  I will get my blood work back in a couple of weeks and Judson and I will sit down with her to determine how much it’s affecting my immune system & where to go from here.  The good news is that it doesn’t look like it’s degenerative, so potentially medication could relieve my foot problems.  I was not expecting this diagnosis at all but now that the nerves have calmed down it does make a little more sense.  I am also getting x-rays done next week on my spine to see if there’s any degeneration and/or an old injury that is contributing to the foot problems.  One thing that my new pt said (and the rheumatologist) is that almost every injury that is on both sides of the body is almost always caused by something else.  Makes sense now that this is all being put together!!  I am thankful for your prayers & ask for you to continue to pray for us as we press forward on this issue.

OK now for the pics:

Darby sporting her new tankini — she despises hats which is why I’m getting this look.

This was probably taken 6 weeks or so ago when she was sneaking into my bathroom.  At this time she was kind of bear-crawling and it was so funny to watch her try not to put her knees on the ground.

I know what you’re thinking and yes, I made us matching skirts.  But here’s the deal – when I make an adult skirt I have a perfect remnant for a toddler skirt so I just can’t resist.  Here she is at the beloved coffee table. 

And here she is standing at her beloved play table.  She adores this thing!

Lastly, this was taken yesterday morning right before we went into the courtroom for Judson’s swearing-in.  Unfortunately the only family pic I have is with Judge Solis and I’m not sure how he’d feel about me posting him on our family blog 🙂  But how darling are my daughter & husband right here?  I have a family crush on them right now.

I hope everyone has a blessed week.  Thanks for reading 🙂

July 14, 2010 / Lindsey Davis

Crawling & Dishmats, Finally…

Darby is officially crawling and if I could figure out how to upload a video, I would.   I feel seriously inept when it comes to WordPress.  I’ve considered switching but don’t have the wherewithal to do it.

We had a nice weekend in Austin at my cousins wedding.  I have no pictures, grrr…to be honest I’ve never been a picture taker.  And one of the reasons is that I never can figure out what to do with them.  I’m terrible about putting pictures in frames & organizing all the prints in general.  So just trust me, the wedding was beautiful & so was the bride.  Judson and I had a nice weekend away, though I missed Darby something fierce. 

She was in good hands with Polly (her great-grandmother – just call her Polly, please).

And danced the day away with Crystal (her Go-Grammy) in the kitchen.

Lucky for us she was so happy to see us when we came back. I wish I had a picture of the reunion because it just about stole my heart.  She is teething (the bottom ones are finally poking through) and that’s really throwing us for a loop.  Her first crawl was exciting but fairly anti-climatic since she’s been on the verge for so long.  What’s funny is she’s not happy about it!  You would think this would open up a new world of curiosity & excitement; however, she wants to walk and she’s a very determined girl I tell you. If I put my hands under her arm pits to hold her up she promptly removes them & places them in the position she prefers.  She’s a funny bunny and I love her. I don’t know what it’s like to want things a particular way or anything 🙂

OK I remembered to take a picture of the dish mats that Darby from Fly Through Our Window designed.  I modified mine a little so that there would be a less sewing (I have fewer panels).  The red/cream/black one is for Judson’s “Aunt” Judy who is a zealous OU fan (her entire kitchen is done in crimson/cream/black) and the other one is for my cousin-in-law Meredith Sanders.  I didn’t realize that I’d cut out 2 perfect patterns on the green one & a random pattern on the 3rd strip.  Now that I see it uploaded it’s really noticeable so I might go back & re-do that panel so that it matches.  The bottom side is a towel that you cut to size.  You can use one you have or buy one for $1.50 at Wal-Mart.  Depending on what fabric you buy the dishmat costs around $4.50 to make. 

July 7, 2010 / Lindsey Davis

I Love the Rain the Most

Hey friends, I hope everyone had a nice 4th of July.  We had a great weekend because Judson had an extra day off and all 3 of us got to stay with my mom & dad in McKinney for a night so Judson and I could have a date night & just relax with an extra set of hands on call!  Crystal and Polly are arriving tomorrow night to stay the weekend with Darby while Judson and I are in Austin for my cousin Emily’s wedding.  Two nights away from Darby…this will be interesting!

Here are some pictures over the last week or so.   A quick update on us:  Darby is definitely strong enough & able to crawl but would really rather stand & walk, she is teething but the tooth fairy has yet to arrive and she is loving pears & blueberries.  Judson starts a new position as the Assistant US Attorney in August (still under Homeland Security).  We are so proud of him!!  I sewed a new sleep sack for Darby and it was so cute that she kicked a hole in it to show I still have work to do in the quality of my efforts.  That is so sweet of her.  Also thank you for praying for my feet, I am still in physical therapy and will go back to the doctor in 2 weeks.  

Darby loved the rain and tried to lick the drops off the sliding glass door.  She was so confused why she wasn’t getting any water.

And then she hit her lip.

Last week our friends Erynn & Parke came over and I did not take any pictures, I can’t believe it.  A few days later our friends Jen & Jax came over and I did take pictures, yippee.  Jax is 7 weeks younger than Darby, but you could never tell!  They were so cute together.   The visits from these friends totally lifted my spirits since I have been really cooped up in the house lately.   I am so thankful for family & friends that have helped me tremendously over the last couple of months!

They are looking at us like we’re crazy.  Maybe we are.  I have a feeling this look from Darby is just the tip of the iceberg 🙂

Like I said, Darby is strong enough & capable enough to crawl.  Here she is really highlighting her upper body strength with some downward dog moves.

And then she transitions beautifully into the plank position. 

The other day I found her playing with the cord to the video monitor.   We moved the cord.

Have I thanked everyone enough for all the support you’ve given me over the past few weeks?  I don’t think I have.  I am so blown away by everyone’s outpouring of help & love.   THANK you.