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August 18, 2011 / Lindsey Davis

Darby Jane Designs

Let’s see, it’s been about 3-4 months so my internal blog clock started ticking.

First things first…I finally semi-launched Darby Jane Designs!  I had someone put a blog together in blogger but I still have yet to figure out the tabs and links.   Mom and I had several bags & coasters just laying around, though, so I really felt the need to go ahead and send something out to some friends & family so that we could at least give those things an opportunity to sell.   We only have 2 bags left out of the 6 that we originally listed, several sets of coasters sold & a few custom orders placed!  I was really encouraged by feedback & creative input we received, too.  Recently I was inspired by a tote that one friend brought over, so I tried making a couple and think they are going to be a great addition!  I can’t wait for y’all to see them.

Just a few things…DJD started because mom and I love to sew and wanted to combine that passion with our love of Anchor of Hope, a ministry that ministers to street children in Rwanda.  I’ve been on the board of this precious ministry since 2005, after I took a couple of trips to Rwanda, D.R. Congo & Burundi.   When someone buys a bag or tote we will cover our costs and donate the proceeds (approximately $10 per item) to Anchor of Hope. 

Our bags are made out of 100% cotton, the most current designers, fully lined…and fully washable.  The pockets are deep and generous and I’ve found are great for a mommy/toddler bag, as they easily fit all mommy supplies as well as an extra cloth diaper, wipes, snacks & sippie cup.   The original bag is made to just go over the shoulder (like a normal purse) but we also make messenger-style that have even easier access.  Check out the blog for the available bags, as a couple of these have already sold (we are also in process of making more):

And coasters.   They are just too cute, practical, affordable & make great gifts!   Each coaster is lined with insul-brite which is absorbent and reflects the heat/cold back to it’s source. They are washable & paired with a sweet mug they are perfect for a tea or coffee lover.  I love them, can you tell?  This is just a sample, so click on our blog if you are interested in seeing more designs.

Thanks for reading & participating in our efforts! 



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  1. Crystal / Aug 19 2011 1:09 am

    My friends love the bags. They are made with such quality and it is great knowing that proceeds go to such a worthy cause. I look forward to seeing more designs and also hearing more about the Anchor of Hope. Win-Win!

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