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April 21, 2011 / Lindsey Davis

18 Months

Yesterday was Darby’s 18 month birthday.  Wow!  It feels like just a few weeks ago that I posted her one year letter. It’s been a while since I’ve written out Darby happenings, and this seems like the perfect time.

Darby loves Elmo, which comes out like “Memah” which conveniently sounds like “Mama”.  I get confused all the time on who she wants but I try not to take it personally 🙂  I recently purchased the most adorable, wonderful shoes she’s had so far in her life & she grew out of them.  By recently I mean four weeks, which wouldn’t be a big deal were it not for the fact they were $37 (on sale).  Ouch.  Call me crazy but I’m a little sensitive about her tootsies.

From about 12-17 months she really didn’t have a favorite toy.  I feel like for the most part her favorite things were books & walks and me, that is until Elmo came along.  Just recently she’s really played well independently in her playroom, especially with her tea set where she blows on the “hot” tea and makes swishing sounds as she pours the tea into the cups.  She is also loving the Mega Blocks that Miss Claire Bishop gave her.  Still though, her most favorite activity is walking outside along our sidewalk hoping that we run into her best friend Sandy (a gorgeous retriever mix) and her owner, Don.  On a normal day at least one neighbor will pop their head out to say hello and we fall in love with our little neighborhood each time this happens. 

Recently we’ve started finger painting & markering 🙂 

We are still meeting with our little playgroup that started from Square One (a first-time mom’s ministry at Watermark).  What a blessing these kids & moms have been to us!  One of the mom’s has a gorgeous home with a breath-taking backyard where she hid Easter eggs for the kids & they all had their first hunt!  It was pretty precious. 

Now that I’ve had 4 posts in a week I’ll see y’all in another 6 months!


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  1. Michelle Jones / Apr 22 2011 12:11 am

    Love that little girl! And those precious curls!! Where did that come from? 🙂

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