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April 4, 2011 / Lindsey Davis

Something New

I was about to start this post with “it’s been a while…” but then I feel like every post should begin like that these days.  It has been a while, though, but I’m going to focus on getting ONE thing on here and try try try to follow-up with some other fun things.

Many of you know that my mom & I dreamed up a little business venture a few months ago.  Based on our mutual love for sewing & craze for pretty fabric, our desire to hone in on a skill (in this case a pattern) and our ability & passion to serve we decided to…you know…start something!   So far we have spent hours upon hours picking out fabric, choosing a logo, getting labels & lamenting about interfacing!  I keep telling myself that even if this  “thing” doesn’t happen we will have made a memory & of course I’m proud of any memory I make with my mom.   So here’s a sneak peek at the logo:


I’ll have a separate blog for Darby Jane Designs that will have pictures of the items, and if I can’t get that up & running soon I’ll at least post pictures of the products here so that you can get an idea of what we’re doing.   Mom and I fell in love with the Lickety Split bag from made-by-RAE and that bag, along some really great fabric coasters, is what we’ll be selling.  Mom and I have really been diligent to strategize & try different ways of making the bag and coasters so that they will provide utmost quality & cuteness. I am really proud of the products!  Both of us have been carrying the bag & using the coasters for a few months, so it’s really given us insight into the features & quality.  We love them & hope you will too!

I’ll follow-up with more info on the blog and products soon.   Thanks for reading & Happy Monday!


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